Over the last years I had the pleasure to be working with Christine and Conny on several events where they participated as interpreters. It has always been a great joy to work with such professional women.

Leni Rieppel, Landesdirektorin “Das Hunger Projekt e.V.”

We have been working with Ms Cornelia [Klimas] in simultaneous interpreting and translation since 2010. We are always very satisfied with the work produced by [Cornelia Klimas]. She responds very promptly to project enquiries, always has a friendly demeanour and always sticks to the deadlines, even if they are tight. We enjoy working with Ms [Klimas] and find her to be a reliable, loyal and competent colleague.

Silke Kahlert, Geschäftsführerin TEXTimFLUSS GmbH

We have worked with Ms. [Klimas] for many years now. Her translations are of excellent quality and always completed with care and attention to detail even when pressed for time.

Eike Christian Petering, etexter text agency

We request Conny [Klimas]’s translation services for our film productions. Working with Conny all these years has always been a positive experience, without exception. Our assignments were always completed in a highly professional, reliable and timely manner. We look forward to working with her again in the future!

Doro Anders, Bavaria Film

[…] Cornelia [Klimas] and Christine Bauer have repeatedly worked for us as interpreters at events with an international audience. With great skill and a professional manner they interpret talks and presentations on children’s and youth literature. We are particularly pleased about the fact that they are always excellently prepared for their assignment, and that they don’t lose their “train of thought” when sudden changes are made to the speech to be interpreted. We are happy to recommend Ms Bauer and Ms [Klimas] anytime.

Petra Wörsching, Direktionsassistenz Internationale Jugendbibliothek München


Of course we treat our clients as well as any and all related information with the utmost confidentiality. Clients’ names are mentioned only with their prior approval, and only in connection with recommendations—written by the clients themselves—published above in the “Endorsements” section. To give you a quick overview of the kinds of projects that we have worked on individually or as a team, we have listed the respective subject areas below, categorised by language service and without naming the client. The following fields are especially prevalent in our daily work:

energy (esp. renewable), logistics, medicine, education, (functional) clothing, cosmetics, agricultural machinery, software & IT, tourism, certificates (report cards, job applications, reference letters, confirmation letters), European Union, human resources, technical documentation, contracts, automotive, eMobility, life sciences, sociology, labour market research.

We have work experience in …


  • Forums on literature, authors and illustrators
  • Pro bono events on development policies and cooperation
  • Trade shows specialising in energy, waste management, cosmetics, market research
  • Company events for staff training and team building, in-house project meetings, investors’ days
  • Conferences and conventions on European cooperation, investments, asset management, regional development, education policy, labour market R&D, insurance industry, automotive, eMobility, biopharmaceuticals, photovoltaics, natural ingredients, medical textiles, life sciences
  • Weddings (registry office & church), visits to public authorities, etc.


  • Specialist book on logistics & sustainability
  • Articles and project reports on the European Union
  • Bank texts
  • Brochures, websites, articles and marketing materials for the tourism industry
  • Job descriptions and information brochures for human resources and headhunting
  • Résumés, cover letters, employer’s reference letters, employee performance reviews, job profiles (incl. certified translations)
  • Report cards and transcripts for school/ university/ internships, letters of confirmation, certificates
  • Proof of residence, police clearance certificates, civil status certificates
  • Technical inspection reports
  • Lab reports
  • Orders of church service
  • Technical documentation, tenders, offers, role descriptions, advertising and marketing materials for software & IT
  • Brochures, project reports, documentation on renewable energy and sustainability
  • Translation and adaption of TV documentaries
  • Translation of screenplay excerpts for non-native extras in TV shows
  • General office correspondence, payments reminders and bankruptcy letters, archiving and documentation
  • Insurance certificates and reports
  • Company presentations
  • Medical reports, sick notes, lab results (incl. certified translations)
  • Information material for a doctors’ platform
  • Web texts and marketing materials for the TV industry
  • Product descriptions and web texts for sports clothing
  • Product descriptions for fashion (general)
  • Product descriptions, labels, advertising and marketing materials for cosmetics
  • Agricultural machinery surveys


  • Lawful interception for police and public prosecutors
  • Group discussions and in-depth interviews for market research
  • Employee performance reviews
  • Social science surveys
  • Streetwork
  • Surveys for a PhD in cultural studies