Laura Ferrarotti-Gallardo

The Multitasker

Laura is the heart of the Word Artists—with a high resting pulse. Her energy and spirit make her a true organisational talent, and in the Word Artists network she serves as the liaison between the client and the translator or interpreter. She gives all of her tasks 110% and won’t rest until the assignment is complete and
everyone involved is fully satisfied with the results. As a Half-Argentinian with a Bachelor’s degree in Translation, Laura is responsible for all Spanish-language projects in our team. In addition to her work as a translator and interpreter, her Master’s in Intercultural Communication and Multilingual Moderation makes her
our expert in conference moderation and client communication. She is a true multitasker who can easily manage projects and render language services at the same time. In the Word Artists network, Laura is in charge of translation management, and she also translates and interprets in subject areas related to medicine & pharmaceuticals, finance and polo/equestrian sports. Further fields were added to her translation repertoire over the years. Her language pair is German <> Spanish. As a sworn translator and interpreter, she also translates certificates and other official documents for courts and public authorities.

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Sworn and certified translator and interpreter for German and Spanish
Specialist interpreter (financial)
B. A. Translation
M. A. Intercultural Communication and Multilingual Moderation


German, Spanish, English

Professional memberships

German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ)

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AGB Laura Ferrarotti-Gallardo (PDF)