Costs and Services

Languages and Fields

The languages our team of freelancers works with are German, English and Spanish; should any additional languages be required for a project, we bring colleagues from our network on board. While we enjoy delving into new subject areas, we have each specialised in particular fields, including medicine & pharmaceuticals, life sciences, law, HR & labour market, energy & climate and logistics & automotive. Get in touch with us—there are hardly any topics that we haven’t worked with at some point in our careers.

Our Services


Transferring texts from one language into another is one of our core services. From A as in autobiography to Z as in zookeeper’s manual—we translate all types of texts.


When a conference, symposium or other event is being interpreted, the speaker’s words are simultaneously orally rendered in a different language. Professional interpreters can also be of service during factory/on-site visits and press conferences, for example. We will gladly help ensure that the communication at your event runs smoothly. This means you might also need the right conference interpreting equipment, such as a portable interpretation system or an interpreter’s booth.

Organisation + Equipment

Behind every good interpreter is a good organiser, who acts as a liaison between the client and the interpreter. We make sure that the interpreter is best prepared for the assignment, and that the necessary equipment (e.g. a portable interpretation system or an interpreter’s booth) is set up on site. Of course we will also gladly assist you in planning all interpretation-related matters for your event.

Certified Translations

As sworn and certified translators we can, upon request, translate your official documents (e.g. birth/wedding certificates or school transcripts) and subsequently certify the translated versions that you wish to present to authorities, universities, employers, etc.

Copy-Editing & Proofreading

We do not just proofread our own translations, but your texts as well, if you wish. Please note, however, that we offer copy-editing and proofreading services for German and English texts only.


Sometimes merely translating a text is not enough for it to have the same effect and force of expression in the target language. Transcreation means creating a new text based on the content of the source text. This means the form and style of the new text can in fact differ significantly from that of the original version. This translation method is most commonly used in marketing. Contact us if this could be the right approach for your project.


If you have an audio recording (e.g. taped interviews) and require a written version of the content, we will transcribe the text for you. Upon request, we can also translate the content into one of our working languages.

Moderation (multilingual)

Especially events (e.g. guided tours, symposiums, conferences, etc.) that address an intercultural and multilingual audience require a professional voice that confidently moderates the talks and can master the special requirements associated with each individual event. Every culture and language has characteristic features that must be taken into account when communicating with others. Successful intercultural, multilingual moderation will give your event a unique touch.

Pricing and Quality


When setting the fees for translation and interpreting services, so many different factors come into play that we cannot simply present a fixed price list. The costs are calculated based, among other things, on the source and target languages, level of difficulty, type of text, deadline, and subject area.

Translations are generally billed by the number of words or standards lines (55 characters) contained in the text; if an entire book needs to be translated, it is also possible to bill by the number of standard pages (30 lines of 55 characters each). Interpreting assignments, on the other hand, are billed as daily rates; in certain cases, an hourly fee is also possible. For certifying translated documents we charge a fixed price per copy. Copy-editing and proofreading projects are billed by the hour, transcriptions by the number of minutes of the audio recording. We will gladly prepare an unconditional quote tailored to the specific services you request.

Please note that when you commission us with a translation, a proofreading project, a transcription or an interpreting assignment, you will always be concluding a contract with an individual translator/interpreter. The Word Artists consider themselves to be a loosely-knit network made up of Christine Röber, Charlotte Dressel, Cornelia Klimas and Laura Ferrarotti-Gallardo, and not as a company in any legal or tax-related sense.

Quality Assurance

Each and every assignment is checked for quality before being delivered to the client. This means we use the four-eyes principle and have all of our finished texts proofread by a qualified colleague. We also employ quality assurance tools, some of which are integrated into the translation tools with which we work.

Data Protection

The safety of your personal data is very important to us, and of course we keep all your information strictly confidential. We protect our electronic devices using professional anti-virus software.

Upon request and after reviewing the conditions, we will sign your non-disclosure agreement. Please contact us directly if you require special data security measures.